Why Does My Ring Camera Keep Going Offline? Reasons + How to Fix

Finding out that your smart home gadgets aren’t performing as expected is one of the most frustrating things that may happen. In particular, if you own a Ring smart camera and are having trouble keeping the App online.

I have a Ring smart security camera, and for some reason, it keeps dropping its internet connection. This article will teach you how to permanently repair the connectivity issues you’ve been having with your Ring Camera.

Why Does My Ring Camera Keep Going Offline?

Your Ring camera is frequently offline as a result of Wi-Fi or power outages or malfunctioning gear. Pressing the setup button on your camera for 10 seconds will reboot it, check your Wi-Fi connection, and let you look it over for any obvious problems.

Some Reasons Why Your Ring Camera Keeps Loosing Internet Connection

So, if you notice that your Ring cameras keep going offline, it could be because of one of the reasons below.

WiFi Network

The internet connection in your home is more likely to be the source of the issue than the camera itself.

It’s normal for your Wi-Fi to become intermittent, so if your camera suddenly stops working, it’s probably a good idea to double-check that all of the lights on your router are on and functioning as they should be.

There can be occasions when your wireless router is unable to connect to the internet, such as when your ISP is performing routine maintenance or when a severe storm hits your area.

But if you want to be sure your router is functioning properly, you may try resetting it by shutting it off and waiting at least a minute before turning it back on again.

So long as the Wi-Fi connection stays stable, the Ring gadget can do its job without any problems.

If the above steps did not solve the problem, you should contact technical support to investigate further.

Power Surge and electric connections

If the issue isn’t the connection to the internet, then you should see if the power to the camera has been cut off.

Determine which circuit breaker has tripped and whether or not it supplies power to the camera. But, remember that safety measures must always come first.

In this scenario, you should turn the breaker back on and give your camera a few minutes to recharge and reconnect.

The number of appliances plugged into this breaker should be reduced, and the doorbell system should be linked to a different power source if possible.

But, if the breaker keeps tripping, it’s best to consult an electrician. An overheated component or a blown fuse could be to blame.

They’ll be able to check out your network and gadget and provide you with expert guidance.

The camera Is Placed Outside the Wi-Fi Coverage Area

If you want a good internet connection from your camera, you need to set it as close to the routers as possible.

A Low Charge or Faulty Battery

If your Ring device’s battery is low, you’ll receive alerts on your smartphone. A battery icon will also appear next to the device in the ring app.

Make it a habit to check the app every so often to see whether you’ve received a warning about your battery life.

Alternately, this may occur if the battery is defective and requires replacement. It’s easy to forget how dead batteries might disrupt a reliable connection.

Change in Wi-Fi SSID

Your home internet service provider may issue you a new SSID and set of channels for your router as part of an upgrade.

Your Ring camera will start having connection issues if it cannot get these updates.

If that’s the case, a fresh connection and the updated network settings will allow your Ring device to pick up on all the traffic tunnels. This requires enabling and resetting the device to factory settings.

Temporary power outages, low voltage in the device, and a change in the Wi-Fi password are a few other possible causes of your Ring cameras’ inability to reconnect.

Hence, if you see a change in the Ring camera’s performance, don’t freak out.

You can fix the device by inspecting it and fixing whatever is wrong with it.

Old connections and Wiring

Potential security holes exist in every segment of wiring between the circuit breaker and the wall outlet where you’ll plug in your security camera.

It is recommended that you have an electrician check the resistance and continuity between your circuit breaker and the outlet where the camera is plugged in.

Ohmmeters and multimeters can flicker when measuring current and voltage, so make sure they function carefully.

How To Troubleshoot Your Ring Camera

Listed below are the specific steps you should take to fix your Ring camera:

  1. Be sure that the wifi network is connected and functioning properly.
  2. Open the Ring app, tap the Ring camera icon, and then tap on device health to see if your Ring devices are communicating with one another. It’ll read ‘offline’ if the device isn’t connected to the internet.
  3. Verify that the router’s status lights are on and that all cables are securely attached.
  4. Verify the functionality of any other Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets.
  5. Try waiting 30 seconds with the router unplugged, then reconnecting it to see whether the camera reconnects.
  6. Take out the camera’s battery and swap it out for a fresh one.
  7. To begin configuring your device, press the on/off switch. Doing so will initiate the Setup on your Ring camera. Then, after 10 seconds, try pressing it again to see if the device reconnects.
  8. If you’ve exhausted all other options, a hard reboot or a check for a bad battery may be in order.
    If none of these solutions worked, you may want to contact Ring’s support team.

What To Do if My Ring Camera Keeps Going Offline

Several of the potential causes for the ring cameras to stop working have been covered.

What happens, though, if it still goes down after you’ve double-checked and triple-checked all those things?

All of your Ring cameras may need to be hard reset in order to get back on the Ring app’s trustworthy network.

How Do I Reset/Reboot My Ring Cameras?

Have a look at these instructions for a hard reboot or reset your surveillance camera.

  • Please push and hold the orange button firmly for around 20 seconds.
  • If the front light begins to flicker after you let go of the orange button, the gadget is ready to use. A rapid flashing light indicates that the gadget has begun the reboot process and will shortly restart.

Final Thoughts on The Reason Why your Ring Camera Keeps Going Offline?

Interruptions in your internet connection are one of many causes for your Ring device’s unreliability. If you encounter this issue, you should try the aforementioned troubleshooting procedures before contacting ring customer service.