How to Fix Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working?

You’re having trouble with your Schlage Turn Lock not working. This guide will help you fix the issue. It tells you how to do everything, from making sure the feature is turned on to turning it off and changing the lock.

If your batteries are running low or dead, we also have instructions on how to replace them. Follow the troubleshooting steps in this guide, and you’ll have your Schlage Turn Lock working again in no time.

What is the Schlage Turn Lock feature?

The Schlage Turn Lock feature is a locking mechanism that allows users to lock their doors from the outside without needing to enter a user code. This feature is enabled by default, but it can be turned off accidentally. To enable the turn lock feature, users need to enter their 4-digit user code.

To disable the turn lock feature, they must press 7 on the code pad. If this does not work and the turn lock feature appears to be malfunctioning, it can be overridden by entering the user code or using a standard key.

Reasons Why Your Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working?

Disabled Turn Lock Feature

If your Schlage turn lock feature is not working, it could be because the feature has been disabled.

Batteries running low or dead

Low battery levels can cause the Schlage turn lock feature to malfunction. Old fob batteries may also be at fault if the turn lock feature is not responding as expected. If the battery has died, you will need to activate emergency mode in order to open the door using a key or other tool.

Schlage Turn Lock Feature is not working because it has been corroded.

If the Schlage Turn Lock Feature has been corroded, it may stop working. This can be due to rust buildup or other damage to the lock’s internal mechanisms. Corroded locks must be replaced in order to ensure the turn lock feature will work properly.

Your Schlage Lock May Damaged

The Schlage lock may become damaged and the turn lock feature may stop working due to poor installation, jammed doors, incorrect spring, and lever alignment, dying batteries, or the door being opened by simply pressing the Schlage button. Without proper maintenance or repairs to address these issues, the lock may not work correctly.

What are the steps to troubleshoot and fix Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working?

Check if the ‘turn lock’ feature is enabled

By default, the Schlage Turn Lock feature is turned on, but you can turn it off and on yourself. This feature is probably not turned on yet, so that’s probably why it isn’t functioning.

Here’s how to enable the Schlage Turn Lock feature:

  • The Schlage button’s LED indicator will flash orange three times after you’ve entered your Programming Code, and it’ll make three short beeps.
  • Use the combination of the Schlage button and key 7. Upon unlocking the door, the Schlage button will turn green and make a single beep if the attempt was successful.

Are batteries running low or dead? Change the batteries

The most common cause of the Schlage turn lock feature not working is low or dead batteries. Alkaline batteries are best for Schlage locks, and lithium batteries are not compatible. Replacing the battery in the keypad lock can be done either at a repair shop or at home, but it is important that a quality replacement battery be used to ensure that there is enough power for the turn lock feature.

Contact Schlage customer support

If the Schlage turn lock feature is not working, it is recommended that security experts contact Schlage customer support for assistance. Customer support can give you more information and help you troubleshoot any problems with the turn lock feature. They can also suggest solutions like reinstalling the locks or getting new ones if you need to.

Replace your Schlage Lock

Replacing your Schlage lock may fix the turn lock feature not working because it could be due to the battery being low or nearing its end of life,

There may be several reasons your Schlage keypad lock isn’t working, and you can solve the problem by trying the various troubleshooting steps above. If you’ve tried one of the troubleshooting steps and your Schlage smart keypad lock still won’t work, contact support as soon as possible.


Why is my Schlage lock not responding?

If your Schlage lock is not responding, the first thing you should check is the batteries. Make sure they are installed correctly and that there are no obstructions between your lock and the remote control unit. If the batteries are installed correctly and you still can’t get the lock to respond, then you may need to install the remote control unit correctly.

Why is my Schlage keypad not locking?

This can happen if the Schlage deadbolt is new and you try to enter your code before you’ve properly programmed it. Here’s what to do if you’re having this problem: Take out the old batteries and try new ones in the lock. If that doesn’t work, try pressing and holding both external buttons for 30 seconds to clear the settings.

What do you do when your Schlage Lock won’t open?

If your Schlage Lock won’t open, the first thing you should do is check to see if the lever rotates when you open and close the door. If it does, then try a fresh battery. If the lock still doesn’t open after entering your user code, remove the inside cover and disconnect and remove the battery. Next, check to see if the lock override slot is in LOCKOUT position. If it is, turn it to NORMAL.

How do you override a Schlage lock?

How do I turn on auto lock on Schlage?

Auto-Lock must already be enabled. While the deadbolt is locked, press the Outside Schlage Button and then enter your 4-8 digit User Code to unlock it. Within 5 seconds, manually lock and unlock the deadbolt using the thumb turn. If you ever need to restore Auto-Lock, just lock it with your thumb turn.