How To Fix the Crunchyroll Black Screen Easily

Many people think Crunchyroll is great since it provides access to a wide variety of well-liked anime releases. On the other hand, it can develop bugs, with a blank screen being one of the most prevalent issues. This can add a significant source of frustration just as you’re settling in to watch your favorite anime series.

If this is something that has happened to you, I have some advice that will help you move past this. In this piece, I’ll break down the reasons behind the Crunchyroll black screen and provide some simple solutions to permanently remedy the problem.

Can Crunchyroll Black Screen be fixed by clearing cache and data?

Clearing cache and data, turning off ad blocker extensions and hardware acceleration, or switching browsers should restore the Crunchyroll interface. You can try reinstalling the app or looking for updates to see if that helps with the app version.

How To Fix the Crunchyroll Black Screen

1. Check if You Have a Stable Connection

One of the most common causes of Crunchyroll’s black screen is a bad Internet connection.

Check to see if there are any problems with your home WiFi or router before attempting any other fixes. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Attempt to watch Crunchyroll on a different device.

You can test whether other websites or apps that require an internet connection are functioning properly. If not, your Internet connection is most likely to blame.

Start your router again.

Turn it off, unplug it, and wait a few seconds before resuming use. Try watching Crunchyroll again to see if the quality has improved.

Bring your router closer to you.

If there are obstacles in the way, such as large furniture or walls, the signal from your router may become weaker. Moving the router closer to the problem can often solve it.

2. Clear Cache and Data

Another reason you may be getting the Crunchyroll black screen is because you have amassed too much data, which is now interfering with your streaming.

Cleaning your cache is a simple procedure that frequently resolves bugs in both the app and the browser.

To clear the cache in Google Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Crunchyroll website.
  2. On the upper bar with the website link, locate the lock symbol and click it.
  3. Go to Site Settings.
  4. Under the Usage category, click Clear Data.

And here’s how to clear the Crunchyroll app on an iPhone:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Select iPhone Storage.
  4. Locate the Crunchyroll app.
  5. Choose Delete App.
  6. Open AppStore and search for Crunchyroll.
  7. Download the app back to your phone and log in.

3. Disable your Adblocker

If you use a browser extension to prevent adverts, you may be unaware that some websites may detect this and refuse to function unless the ad blocker is disabled.

Because the free edition of Crunchyroll contains advertisements, the streaming will not function properly until you disable the ad blocker.

To turn off your ad blocker in Google Chrome, do the following:

  1. Open the Crunchyroll website.
  2. Click on the puzzle icon at the top right corner.
  3. Locate your adblocker extension.
  4. Click on the three dots right to the icon of the extension.
  5. Select Pause on this site.

4. Try other Browsers

Sometimes the problem is in your browser, but the cause is not always clear. If cleaning your cache and removing your ad blocker did not help, you could try streaming Crunchyroll in another browser to see if it works better.

It is also critical to use the most recent browser version to verify that it is compatible with the website and that everything functions properly.

When a new version of your browser is available, it will usually offer to upgrade automatically. You can search for any recent updates you may have missed and download the most recent ones if necessary.

Remember that keeping all of your devices up to date is critical for avoiding bugs and keeping your data secure.

5. Try Another Device

When it’s unclear what’s causing the black screen, moving to another device is another option. If changing your browser doesn’t let you stream on your computer, you can try downloading the Crunchyroll app to your phone or tablet to see if it works better.

Similarly, if you’re having trouble with your app, try switching to the internet version. If you notice an improvement, it means that the issue is with your device or the version of Crunchyroll you’ve been using.

For your convenience, you can use Chromecast to stream from one device to another. If you encounter problems using Chromecast, use the methods in this article to troubleshoot them.

6. Try a Different Show or Episode

It’s also possible that there’s an issue on Crunchyroll’s end. You may be seeing the Crunchyroll black screen while attempting to load an episode or show that is experiencing a malfunction.

Similarly, if you feel the app or website is down, you can utilize Down Detector to determine whether the problem is caused by Crunchyroll’s internal servers.

Simply try to stream another episode or another anime to check if that’s the case. If no problems develop, report the broken episode and wait till Crunchyroll patches it, which usually doesn’t take long.

7. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is an option that can dramatically enhance the viewing experience while potentially causing latency and bugs.

It necessitates more data and can cause streaming to fail owing to the volume of traffic that must be processed.

Reducing hardware acceleration would make it easier for the website to load and display content, potentially resolving the Crunchyroll black screen issue.

Here’s how to turn off the setting in Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your browser.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select System.
  4. Disable Use Hardware Acceleration.

8. Update or Reinstall Crunchyroll’s App

If you’re having problems with Crunchyroll’s black screen in the app, make sure you’re running the most recent version.

To see if you’ve missed any updates, go to the App Store or Google Play and see if it offers any upgrades.

If there are no new updates, or if the update does not resolve your issue, it is recommended to reinstall the app and start over.

Lastly, if none of the fixes work for you, you should contact Crunchyroll support. They don’t have a phone number for customer care, but you can contact them online here.

Provide all relevant information about your problem and describe it thoroughly in order to receive a prompt and informative response from the staff.

Final Thoughts on  How To Fix the Crunchyroll Black Screen

There are several possible causes for Crunchyroll’s dark screens. If you’re using a website version, consider emptying your cache, disabling extensions and hardware acceleration, or switching browsers.

If you’re having trouble with the Crunchyroll app, try clearing the cache, installing the most recent updates, or reinstalling it.