Eufy Activity Zone Not Working: How to Fix and Get Activity Zones Working

Are you looking for a reliable way to secure your home? Tired of dealing with activity zones that won’t work on your Eufy smart camera? You’re in luck – this blog post is the perfect guide to quickly troubleshoot and get the activity zones working in no time.

With our help, you will be able to trust your security camera to detect activity in and around your home and feel secure in the knowledge that your home is protected. Read on to learn more!

How does eufy activity zone work?

Eufy activity zone is an added security feature found in Eufy smart devices that help in providing notifications when someone enters the specified zone. It also records a clip in a selected area so you can monitor any activity that takes place.

Though easy to set up, there are times when you may experience the Eufy activity zone not working. To troubleshoot this, here is a step-by-step guide on how the Eufy activity zone works.

First, open the eufy Security app and go to the Device tab. Find your Eufy Camera and select Camera Settings. Under Motion Detection, choose Activity Zone. Tap on the Set up an Activity Zone button to create a new zone. Drag the sides of the activity zone to increase its shape or move it around to change its location. Once you have the desired Activity Zone mapped out, hit the checkmark to save the zone. Exit the eufySecurity app and restart it.

Next, adjust the motion sensitivity of the camera to pick up motion. You can do this by going to the Motion Detection page, and then increasing the sensitivity of the camera. Finally, add Activity Zones to the camera to increase its focus on the selected areas. This will help the device detect motion more easily in those areas.

By following these steps, you should be able to fix the issue of Eufy activity zone not working. Ensure that you adjust the camera angle and motion sensitivity properly, and add Activity Zones to the camera in order to get the best response from the unit.

 Eufy Activity Zone Not Working: How to Fix and Get Activity Zones Working

Why is Eufy Activity Zone Not Working?

The cause of the Eufy activity zone not working is often related to a misconfiguration of the camera angle, light exposure, motion detection area, and sensitivity settings.

If the camera angle is not correctly set, it can be difficult for the camera to detect objects entering the specified zone and thus prevent it from working. Additionally, during the night, the camera sensors may have difficulty distinguishing the zones due to the low light.

If the sensitivity settings are too high, the camera may detect activity from outside the activity zone and thus not work properly.

The effect of Eufy activity zone not working is that users may not get notifications when someone enters the vicinity of the specified zone or record a clip. Similarly, users may receive false alerts or no alerts if the activity zone is too large.

To fix this issue, users can customize the activity zone, adjust the camera angle, use the feature during the day, and check the sensitivity settings. By taking these measures, users can ensure that their Eufy activity zone is working properly.

How to Fix Eufy Activity Zone Not Working

Adjusting the Angle of Camera

Adjusting the angle of the camera can help fix Eufy Activity Zone not working because it may be angled at a position where it has a hard time finding any objects. To activate, the camera needs to detect an object that comes inside the zone, so changing the angle can help it detect objects better.

Use the Eufy activity zone feature only at night

The Eufy activity zone feature is best used at night when there is less light. This is because the sensors in the camera cannot distinguish the set zone as well in low light conditions, making it more difficult to accurately detect motion.

As a result, using the activity zone feature at night can help reduce the number of false alerts from cars passing on the street, ensuring that the camera is only triggered when necessary.

Check motion detection Sensitivity Settings

To check the motion detection sensitivity settings for the Eufy Activity Zone, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the EufySecurity app on your phone and log in to your Eufy account.
  2. Tap on the Device tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select your Eufy Camera.
  4. Tap Camera Settings.
  5. Click on Motion Detection.
  6. Select Sensor Sensitivity to view the current sensitivity setting.
  7. Adjust the sensitivity setting using the slider.
  8. Touch and move the corners of the blue, transparent box to shape your activity zone.
  9. Tap the save button on the top right menu bar to save the settings.
  10. Go outside in front of the camera to check if the motion detection is working properly.

 Eufy Activity Zone Not Working: How to Fix and Get Activity Zones Working

If needed, adjust the sensitivity level and other motion detection settings like increasing the sensitivity to object size, increasing the contrast to the max, resetting the geo-fencing, resetting the motion detection schedule, or resetting the threshold level.

Check App Notification Permissions

App notification permissions are settings that allow users to control which types of notifications they receive from an app. In the Eufy Security app, these permissions include alerts for motion detection and activity zones.

If a user does not have the proper notifications enabled, they may not receive alerts for motion and activity zones even if they have activated them in the app.

This can lead to missed recordings and false alarms, as the camera may not be able to detect motion or objects in an activity zone.

To ensure that the Eufy Security app is properly detecting and alerting you of motion and activity zone changes, it is important to check your app notification permissions and make sure they are set correctly.

Check for Possible objects blocking the view of the Eufy camera

Some possible objects that could be blocking the view of the Eufy camera and causing the Activity Zone feature, not to work include trees, bushes, fences, awnings, walls, buildings, or other large objects.

For example, if a tree is blocking the view of the Eufy camera, it won’t be able to detect motion in the area. Similarly, if a fence is blocking the view, the Activity Zone feature won’t be able to detect motion in that area either.

Reset your Eufy Device

If your Eufy camera Activity Zone is not working, you should try to reset your device to its factory default settings.

To do this, press and hold the sync button on your camera for about 10 seconds, then release it when you hear a beep. This will reset your camera to its original settings.

Additionally, power cycling the camera can help to refresh it and remove any temporary glitches.

To do this, flip the circuit breaker to the “off” position, wait a minute, and then turn the breaker back on. For wired EufyCams, simply unplug them from the power source for a few minutes.

For battery-powered EufyCams, press and hold the sync button for 15 seconds and then release.

It is also important to check your WiFi signal strength. On the home screen, select the three dots on the camera screen associated with the problematic EufyCam and then select the gear icon. You’ll see a status display of your EufyCam on the top left.

If your EufyCam is battery-powered, you’ll see the remaining battery power and a WiFi symbol. If the WiFi symbol is missing a few bars, then you don’t have a full signal and should consider moving the camera closer to your router or vice versa.

Additionally, check the battery status of your camera in the eufy security app to ensure that the camera is fully charged. If the battery was recently replaced, you may need to get a new one.

If none of these solutions fix the issue, you should contact the Eufy customer support team for further assistance.

How to fix Eufy cam 2C activity zone not working at night

If you have a Eufy cam 2C that is not working properly at night, you may have to take a few steps to troubleshoot the issue. To start off, you should adjust the angle of the camera so that it can detect objects entering the activity zone. If the camera is angled in a way that makes it difficult to detect objects, you’ll need to move it around to find the best angle.

Next, you should check the sensitivity settings of the camera. If the sensitivity is set too high, it may detect activity from the street. You should adjust the sensitivity to around level 5 or lower. If the settings are set to motion detection, you can bring it down to level 4 or lower.

You should also make sure that the activity zones are not too large. Consider setting the target zone to a smaller region that does not cover the whole porch. This will help you detect activity on the porch without dealing with false alerts.

If all else fails, you can try power cycling the camera. This will reset any minor programming bugs that may be causing the issue. After the camera turns on again, check to see if the activity zone is working properly.

By following these steps, you should be able to fix the Eufy cam 2C activity zone not working at night.

How do I set the activity zone on my eufy doorbell?

  1. Access your Eufy Doorbell settings and select the Activity Zone feature.
  2. Position your Eufy Doorbell and adjust the camera view enough to avoid unwanted motion alerts. You can use the Wedge and Corner Mount to help you shift the camera view up or down 5º or 25º to the left or right.
  3. Select the areas in the camera view you want to be active motion zones and those in which you want to be inactive.
  4. Adjust the sensitivity setting to a 4 or 5 value to enable the detection of larger objects in motion.
  5. Save the changes you have made and press the button on the back of the doorbell to restart it.
  6. Test the Activity Zone setting to ensure it is working as expected.

Here is a video illustration

What are the benefits of using Eufy Activity Zone?

The benefits of using Eufy Activity Zone are numerous.

  1. It provides an extra layer of security by notifying you as soon as someone enters the vicinity of the specified zone.
  2. It records a clip of any activity that takes place in the designated area, making it easier for you to monitor and review footage.
  3. It allows you to customize the motion detection zone to prevent excessive motion clips or false alerts, such as when a tree or bush is blowing in the wind.
  4. The Activity Zone feature helps the camera detect motion easily in those areas on which it is set to focus on.
  5. Using the Activity Zone feature ensures that your camera won’t pick up motion happening outside the Activity Zones, so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and secure.


What is Eufy Activity Zone?

Eufy Activity Zone is a great feature offered by Eufy smart devices that provides extra security by notifying users when someone enters the vicinity of a specified area. It also records a clip of the activity. This feature is especially useful for security cameras in order to ensure safety and peace of mind.

To ensure its proper working, users must make sure that the camera angle and light exposure are adjusted correctly. It is also possible to create Activity Zones that focus the camera’s attention on specific areas and helps to detect motion more easily.

To set up an Activity Zone, users must open the eufySecurity app, select the camera, and click on Activity Zone. From there, users can adjust the size and location of the zone and save it.

Why is my activity zones not working on eufycam 2 pro?

This issue is usually caused by improper adjustment of the camera angle and light exposure, which can prevent the activity zone from working properly. To fix this problem, you should adjust the camera angle and ensure the light exposure is adequate.

Additionally, you should also check the detection type settings, as setting it to “All Motions” may result in the camera picking up and recording objects outside the activity zone.

Finally, it may be necessary to adjust the detection sensitivity, as setting it to the highest setting (7) may be necessary for the camera to catch certain motions. By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to get the activity zone to work properly.

Is the Eufy Activity Zone compatible with HomeKit?

Yes, the Eufy Activity Zone is compatible with HomeKit. In order to set up the Activity Zone on HomeKit, you must first add the Camera and Homebase (bridge) into Homekit, and then set up an automation to trigger some nanoleaf lights when activity is detected.

You may also need to adjust the camera angle and the light exposure to ensure the Activity Zone works properly. Additionally, under the ‘More Options’ section, you can also choose people as the specific motion to be detected by the Activity Zone.

Why is my eufy camera not picking up all motion?

The cause of your Eufy camera not picking up all motion could be due to a number of settings-related issues. These could include not having the motion detection feature enabled, low battery power, a weak Wi-Fi connection, or simply having no motion occurring within the camera’s viewing area.

To get your Eufy camera to detect motion again, you may need to increase the motion sensitivity or move the camera to a new location, where motion is more likely to occur. You should also check whether your camera’s motion detection feature is activated and if it’s not, enable it. Lastly, if your Eufy camera model is a eufyCam or eufyCam E, make sure you don’t raise the motion sensitivity level above 95, and for eufyCam 2 users, keep it within the range of 3-6.