Can You Use Chromecast Without a Google Account? All You Need to Know

Chromecast is unquestionably one of the greatest streaming gadgets because it is inexpensive and easy to use. However, because some individuals are uncomfortable revealing information such as their location and phone number with Google, the topic “Can Chromecast be used without a Google account?” is frequently asked.

In this essay, I will detail the steps necessary to use Chromecast without a Google account. Let’s start!

Can You Use Chromecast Without a Google Account?

Yes, you can use Chromecast without a Google account only if you’re going to share from your desktop. Here, you’ll only need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer or laptop and an HDMI cable. Sign in as a guest since you don’t have an account, and then you can start casting.

How To Use Chromecast Without a Google Account

Typically, Google Home is required for Chromecast setup and operation. The application requires you to sign in using a Google account, but you may still use it without one.

Only individuals who will be sharing their desktop screen, primarily Chrome tabs, to their smart TVs can use this instruction. You cannot access the tutorial on a mobile device or tablet.

This is useful if you want to stream Netflix with Chromecast, do presentations, or share content from your Google Chrome tabs.

Thus, continue reading to discover what you must do:

Below is a list of items that must be prepared for the setup:

  • Google Chromecast (You can get a Chromecast streaming device from Amazon. It already comes with everything you’ll need, including the HDMI cable.)
  • A laptop or computer with Google Chrome installed.
  • An HDMI Cable

Once you have everything ready, you can set up Chromecast on your desktop. To do this, refer to the step-by-step guide below:

Connect Chromecast to your television using an HDMI wire.

Depending on where you acquired the gadget, the cable is typically already included. The USB port must be linked to the Chromecast, while the HDMI port must be connected to the television. If you cannot locate the HDMI port on your television, you should check the back first.

Launch Google Chrome on a desktop computer.

If it’s your first time opening the browser, you won’t need to worry, since it will sign in as a “guest” by default. This indicates that no data or account is being utilized, thus registration or login is not required.

Click the three-dot icon in Google Chrome’s upper-right corner.

This launches the menu. Find “Cast…” to instruct the device to search for Chromecast. This option is only available for browser versions 72 and higher, therefore if you did not find it, update your browser.

If you successfully located and clicked the “Cast” button, wait for Chromecast to be detected.

Click it once it detects your device, and then wait for the connection to load. You’ll know it’s ready when your desktop appears on the television.

There are circumstances in which Google Chrome does not display your Chromecast in the list. If this occurs, then you can attempt the following:

  • Restart Google Chrome, and repeat the steps above.
  • Check if your Chromecast is plugged in properly. Replug it if you can.
  • Check your Wi-Fi connection. Both the Chromecast and the desktop should be connected to the same network. Restart the router if speed is the issue.
  • Disable your VPN if you’re using one.
  • Update your Google Chrome if it’s not in the latest version yet.

If all else fails, contact Google Help. They will be able to assist you more effectively because sometimes the problem is within the Chromecast device itself.

If you wish to learn more about how to use Chromecast, I suggest reading the official user guide.

Is It Better To Use a Google Account for Chromecast Streaming?

Your personal preferences will determine whether you should use Chromecast with or without a Google account. There is no need to create a Google account if you are only planning to use the gadget with your computer.

Nonetheless, you can access the desktop version of the majority of streaming platforms. If you intend to stream Chromecast with your phone, tablet, or actual desktop screen (not the Google Chrome tabs), then I recommend the following two options:

Make an account on Google. Establishing a Google account is simple, and there is an option to skip entering your phone number. Access to your location, however, is non-negotiable. In addition to other uses, the search engine must detect adjacent Chromecast devices.

Consider using a different streaming device. If you absolutely refuse to register a Google account, you might choose an alternative streaming device.

Roku is now one of the most popular options, but you may also choose Amazon Fire Stick or Samsung AllShare, none of which require a Google account.

Does Chromecast Need a Subscription Fee if You Don’t Use a Google Account?

Chromecast does not require a monthly cost, regardless of whether you stream using a Google account. It is completely free to use, therefore there are no more costs after purchasing the item. You will incur additional fees from platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO+, and others.