Can You Have Multiple Profiles on Crunchyroll? How to Do It!

It’s no surprise that Crunchyroll has become a beacon for anime fans around the world, given its vast selection of shows, simulcasting, and extras. Crunchyroll, like other platforms, is an excellent way to introduce family, friends, and roommates to the world of Japanese animation. So, can you have many profiles?

In addition, I’ll explain all you need to know about Crunchyroll subscriptions, including the various membership tiers. Let’s get started!

Can You Have Multiple Profiles on Crunchyroll?

On Crunchyroll, multiple profiles are not permitted. However, customers who purchase a premium subscription can share their accounts with three to five additional individuals, depending on their membership tier.

The remainder of this post will examine the number of profiles allowed on a single Crunchyroll account, as well as the optimal method for sharing your account with others.

How Many Profiles Can You Have on a Single Crunchyroll Account?

Currently, each Crunchyroll account can only have one profile. Your watchlist, wish list, and recommended shows are all stored in your profile, which is unique to you as an individual.

The sole means for anime fans to share their favorite shows is through account sharing, with the “Mega Fan” subscription and higher allowing users to enjoy four concurrent streams.

This allows several users to access content from the same account at once, but does not allow for individualized recommendations or viewing recommendations.

Is it right to Share My Crunchyroll Account?

If you and the other account holder like watching the same shows, it could make financial sense to share a membership. The most obvious perk is that everyone in the group may share the cost of the subscription and watch the same episodes.

In what follows, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of having multiple people use the same Crunchyroll account.

What Are the Drawbacks of Sharing a Crunchyroll Account?

It can be difficult to monitor a joint bank account. When several people use the same account, things can get complicated quickly since episodes may end up in the wrong sequence, other users may be added to your watch list, and unexpected content may start appearing in your feed.

Users will find it helpful to keep track of their viewing habits and the people who participate in them.

What Are the Benefits of Sharing a Crunchyroll Account?

Sharing accounts is a great way to cut costs, as it allows multiple users to split the bill for a more expensive plan. It’s most effective in small groups, such as homes or groups of friends, where users may coordinate between themselves and thereby avoid security breaches.

Users can also discover strangers online to share accounts with on reliable websites.

It’s important to use caution before disclosing personally identifiable information online, even if some sites facilitate the process.

Will I Get into Trouble for Sharing My Crunchyroll Account?

Although the terms of service dispute password sharing, they also dispute account sharing.

Hence, you can’t be tagged for sharing, but you might raise suspicions if your login information is being used from different IP addresses.

Can Multiple Devices Watch the Same Show Simultaneously?

In the absence of individual profiles, sharing a single account with a friend so that you can both watch the same show at the same time is the next best thing.

Because of this feature, sharing a Crunchyroll account is appealing. Anyone with an account and the right devices can watch anime and manga at the same time. If you prefer to watch TV episodes at your own pace, this could work for you.

What Devices Support Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is on nearly every device you can think of, including:

  • Laptops
  • iOS
  • Android
  • TVs
  • Consoles

Xbox Game Pass users also get access to the premium membership. In this situation, a gaming console may be preferable to a streaming device like a Roku or Firestick.

Because of the nature of mobile devices, manga offers a more genuine reading experience.

Keeping a tablet or smartphone among your allocated number of devices for the express purpose of reading manga can be a good investment. You may always try acting out your manga on television if you have the guts.

Mega Fan subscribers have the freedom to watch their episodes anywhere they like in the house, making anime viewing a breeze.

What Are the Different Subscription Tiers on Crunchyroll?

Prospective subscribers are presented with a variety of options for watching anime, with perks increasing with subscription costs.

Due to the availability of account sharing at the higher membership tiers, selecting the plan that best suits your needs is crucial.

Cost-free tier.

Users can stream content to a single device at no cost, provided they are willing to watch advertisements. After a time, these ads grow annoying, especially when the program keeps bombarding you with the same ones. Yet, it could be a fantastic choice for people who are only curious about the service.

Subscription at the Fan Level is .99 per month.

The next tier provides the same essential features as the previous one, but with no interruptions from advertisements and full access to the manga library.

Super-Huge-Fan Plan: Just .99/mo.

The Big Fan tier gives you access to a plethora of manga and anime, as well as the ability to watch them without an internet connection. In essence, this tier will make it possible for customers to share accounts and use them across various devices.

Prices start at .99/month for the Ultimate Fan tier.

Premium memberships include additional benefits like yearly gift packs and support for up to six simultaneous streams. If you have more than one screen you’d like to watch on, this could be ideal.

What Are the Alternatives to Crunchyroll?

In the world of anime streaming, Crunchyroll has a near monopoly. Funimation, where viewers could once catch episodes, has been merged with Crunchyroll.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus all provide anime for people who haven’t been watching the newest series. These are fresh releases, but you won’t be able to see them in their entirety right away.

If you’re just getting started with anime, there are many great shows that are available on alternate streaming providers.

Popular manga reading apps and websites like Comixology, Shonen Jump, and Viz are all great choices. Despite this, many of the top-notch readings are available on a multiple of these platforms.

Crunchyroll is a great website that provides its users with a wide variety of anime and manga to watch. Unfortunately, Crunchyroll does not yet include a profile system as part of its service, but maybe this will change in the future.

Until then, anime fans can try splitting the cost with their friends and coordinating their viewing schedules by creating joint accounts.

If that doesn’t work, you may always just keep your other streaming services or keep your Crunchyroll membership thanks to its lower cost.