Can I Use Chromecast Without a TV? Let’s Find Out

Chromecast allows you to transport content from a small screen, such as your phone, to a large screen, such as a television. What happens, though, if a person has a Chromecast gadget but no television?

Today, we’ll look at how to use Chromecast on a Desktop or laptop, as well as any extra ways you can use it. Let’s get this party started.

Can I Use Chromecast Without a TV?

Chromecast is usable without a television. You can connect Chromecast to your computer or laptop and cast to this display from your mobile device in place of a television. Nevertheless, Chromecast is designed for TVs, so the image may not appear the same on your computer and TV.

How To Use Chromecast Without a Smart TV

As previously stated, it is entirely viable to use Chromecast without a Smart TV. You will, however, require a laptop or desktop computer.

Because Chromecast is designed to project videos, images, and other media from one screen to another, it cannot function without a computer or a TV to cast.

In terms of Smart TVs, if you use your TV to browse the web, see our other article on the best smart Televisions for web browsing.

This may potentially serve as a replacement for Chromecast. To use Chromecast on your laptop or PC, connect the Chromecast device via USB to the computer.

This will connect in the same way as your Smart TV USB does. It sounds simple, and it is, but there are some additional steps you must take to prepare your computer for Chromecast use.

Setting Up Browser Extensions for Chromecast

The first step is to install some browser extensions so that Chromecast may run on your laptop or desktop computer.

You may accomplish this from any browser, but since Chromecast is a Google gadget, I recommend using Google Chrome.

Generally, this makes things easier.

If you are using Chrome, follow these steps.

  • Choose the menu icon. This can be found in the upper right-hand corner. Depending on the age of your browser, it may appear as three vertical dots or as an arrow.
  • Right-click on cast and select properties. When you’ve completed the first step, this is roughly halfway down the menu.

The cast button will now display at the top of the browser window. It typically appears as a rectangle with what appear to be WiFi bars in the lower left corner.

This indicates that your browser has been configured to cast and that you are ready to proceed with the Chromecast setup.

Set Up Chromecast on Your Computer

Once the cast button is operational, you must configure Chromecast on your desktop or laptop computer.

Examine your Internet connectivity. Both the computer and Chromecast device must have the same network connection. Moreover, you must ensure that both devices are in the same band. For instance, you do not want one device to be on 2.4GHz while the other is on 5GHz.

If you are casting from your mobile device, ensure that it is connected to the same network. You can verify this under your phone’s settings.

Connect your Chromecast to your computer once everything has been established. The device should connect immediately, at which point you can begin streaming. If it does not instantly connect, you may need to unplug it and wait around thirty seconds.

If things are still not operating properly, repeat the actions we’ve already taken. If the setup is not performed correctly, the device may not function.

There is no requirement for a Chromecast device to use Chromecast on a laptop or desktop.

The casting button that you previously configured will allow you to cast from your computer to a different screen. But, a Chromecast device is required to cast from a mobile device to a PC.

Casting From Your Phone to Computer

Once Chromecast is installed on your laptop, you can effortlessly cast movies, videos, and images from your phone to your computer.

To accomplish this, simply begin playing the desired video and then initiate the casting procedure. If the video is hosted on YouTube or a comparable platform, the video menu will be located at the bottom of the film.

There will be a casting option. You will have the opportunity to choose where you wish to cast when you tap.

When your Chromecast is connected to a laptop or desktop computer, you will have the option to cast directly to your computer.

Are There Any Other Ways To Use Chromecast Without a TV?

Unfortunately, Chromecast is typically only compatible with TVs. There is a workaround for utilizing it with your laptop and your phone, but you will always need both devices if you do not have a television.

Many individuals have questioned whether Chromecast can be used to cast across two phones, for instance.

As the Chromecast gadget must be connected through USB, this is not possible. You cannot also cast from a mobile device to a tablet.

You can utilize the Chromecast browser extension’s built-in functionality to cast from your laptop to a tablet or comparable device.

Nonetheless, it is possible to cast from one computer to another. The Chromecast gadget only needs to be inserted onto one of your computers. Chromecast should always be used with a Smart TV whenever possible.

In Conclusion: Can I Use Chromecast Without a TV? 

Chromecast is usable without a television. In order to utilize Chromecast on your PC, you will first need to install a browser extension.

Chromecast installation is the subsequent step. After configuration, you will be able to broadcast Chromecast from your phone to your laptop. If you have a TV available, you can also Chromecast from your computer directly to the TV without a Chromecast device.